All it takes is $35 to open your very own doTERRA account. If you want to skip the membership fee, consider starting with an Enrollment Kit instead!
Wholesale Memberships

Join doTERRA in just 3 steps:

Pick a starter kit.
Set up an account.
Log in.

It's that easy.


1. Choose a Starter Kit

We recommend starting your wholesale membership with an Enrollment Kit. Check out the multiple options on Enrollment Kits page to explore your options. If you would prefer to start with the $35 membership alone and build your own collection, move straight to Step 2.

2. Join doTERRA

Click the button to set up your wholesale account so you can save 25-55% off. Fill out your contact information, and you'll be directed to the page where you can select your membership or pick out your desired enrollment kit.

3. Log In

You're all set! You can now log in and start ordering your doTERRA essential oil products at wholesale prices 25-55% off AND receive additional freebies and discounts!

How Membership Works 

doTERRA’s Wholesale Customer Membership allows you to cut out the middleman and purchase your essential oils directly from the company itself. You'll save money, and earn some great benefits along the way!

~ 25 -55% Product Discount ~

~ Free Product with Annual Renewal ~ 
~ Loyalty Rewards ~

Essential Oils & Kids

Want to know more about how doTERRA’s essential oils can benefit your home and family? Check out this video to learn more about the company's collection of Essential Oils for Kids!

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